International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

Welcome from the organizers international School in Informatics

Summer online ISIJ 2021 finished. More than 250 participants took a part in ISIJ. They are from China, Syria, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Russian regions. The best students from China are champions of Marathon Cup round and Winner of Grand Medal ISIJ (sum all results of tours). ISIJ has gold, silver and bronze medallists in Marathon Cup and Command Estafette Cup and pass gold, silver and bronze Diplomas to juniors in Mathematics Blitz Cup and after all Training tours. The venue of summer ISIJ 2022 is Dushanbe, Tajikistan. But ISIJ 2022 will include online and offline teams! All participants of summer ISIJ include to Winter online ISIJ without payment or additional registration. We additional invite New country teams to Winter online ISIJ 1.09.2021 -1.04.2022.

Director ISIJ, prof. Marina Tsvetkova

Welcome from the President of international School in Informatics for juniors
Dear colleagues, participants, teachers and coaches!
The international school of Informatics for juniors is held online this year.
For Informatics, this is not a new collaboration solution, but of course the camp-school environment helps us all work as a team. I hope that the online form will not destroy our team spirit.
To do this, I suggest that coaches and teachers will do actively cooperate in the Coaching Council of the School! And I wish students to cultivate the Olympic spirit based on the code of honor by distance working, from home, independently and responsibly participating in tours and the School Cup.

Prof. Vladimir Kiryukhin

Welcome from the Director of international School in Informatics for juniors
Dear friends!
The pandemic on the one hand created difficulties for us, and on the other hand the new digital world will allow many children and their coaches to join the online form of our School, since this form removes such barriers as distance and money. The online session requires coaches to give more attention to the support and coordination of online work with junior teams, supervise their participation in distance Olympiad training on a daily, and to become a digital curator for juniors!
From 2020, we will hold an annual online session of the ISIJ, which will enable children from anywhere in the world to be included in training. Online ISIJ is now open during all year and includes a short summer session with an online School Cup, and a long winter session for all participants of the summer online ISIJ. To do this, we have made a special schedule that is convenient for all participants, in two time zones the Western and Eastern. This helps not only juniors from Europe, Asia and Russia, but also children from New Zealand to participate in school comfortably.
I wish all juniors, coaches, mentors to get new experience and see new horizons of their Olympiad career in Informatics.

Prof. Marina Tsvetkova