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The results ISIJ-teams IATI 2019


The results ISIJ-teams IATI 2019

The results of the 2019 international Informatics tournament in Shumen, Bulgaria have been summed up.

The tournament was attended by students from Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Serbia and the national teams of the Republic of Tatarstan and two teams from ISIJ. 79 juniors and 93 students in the senior group of participants.

Of the 8 participants from ISIJ medals at IATI 2019 were won by 6 members of the two Russian teams of the international school of Informatics juniors:

  • In the Junior category: Daniil Kuzmin and Ruzil Zagirov (Lyceum Innopolis) silver medals, Ilya Tamyarov (IT-Lyceum KFU, the youngest of the participants of our team) and Oleg Gorbatyuk (Lyceum Innopolis) - bronze medals
  • In the senior category: Kirill Balandin (Republican Lyceum, Mordovia, is a Junior in the age group, performed in the senior group) - silver medal, Herman Dyudin (Lyceum Innopolis, Tatarstan) - bronze medal

9 gold, 13 silver and 21 bronze medals were awarded in the Junior group. The best result show junior from Romania. The best result show the national team Russia-1, which won 4 gold medals. Only 5 teams of juniors from all students were able to score 4 medals, and according to the sum of points of participants they were distributed as follows:

  1. National team Russia-1
  2. Russian team ISIJ
  3. Team Tatarstan-2
  4. Team Bulgaria-1
  5. National team Serbia

In the group of senior participants from ISIJ participated Junior from Mordovia Kirill Balandin, showing silver result. He and 4 students of the Junior team are invited to participate in ISIJ-2020 on preferential terms.

The worthy performance of the Russian Junior team of the International school of Informatics (ISIJ) shows the good preparation of the participants of the School.

We invite the teams to participate in ISIJ-2020, an exhibition for participants on the website

Team leader of Rus-ISIJ teams is Nikolay Borisov, Heard of STC ISIJ.

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