International School in
Informatics "Junior"


All teams of ISIJ countries take part in the Cup in two categories: level A (medal advanced level) and level B ( medal Basic level) .

Diploma The Medal Diploma IJIC (with medal for group level B and group level A) awarded all participants of the Cup with these points according to the list of participants of the Cup: no more than two teams from the co-organizers and one team from each participating country.

The ISIJ-Cup (IJIC) is held in one round of 3 tasks for 4 hours.

Following the results of the Cup three places participants according to the rating are defined: gold, silver and bronze medals separately for group level B and group level A.

The results of the contest are also determined by the gold, silver medalists and bronze medalists (33%, 33% and 34% of the total number of participants from teams, respectively, without participants who showed 0 points in the Cup contest).

From the Russian groups to participate in the Cup two Russian teams and Tatarstan team are allowed, not more than 6 members in the team, team members are selected based on the ranking of results on 5 contests School.

Diploma for the 3 teams on the average score for the Cup (according to the rating average score in the team), and diploma for team coach:

1-Gold team,

2-Silver team,

3-Bronze team