International School in
Informatics "Junior"

Coaching Council

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Coaches from different countries are part of the international Coaching Council of the School: one coach from each country team.

Every year a coach from each country presents 1-2 tasks of the national Olympiad in Infomatics (NOI) to the STC, ready for use, and 1 tasks in the ISIJ cup (text in English, tests and testing programs - in the programming language C++).

The school languages are Russian and English. The organizer provides participants translation.

The texts of the tasks are provided to all participants in Russian and English in electronic form with the possibility of printing. The coach reserves the right to provide the participant with a translation of the tasks in his native language with respect to confidentiality.

STC with the Coaching Council agrees on the training content (level A and B), on the basis of which STC prepares tasks

The Coaching Council chooses representatives from its membership to the international group of STC by direct vote. Term of representation in the international group of STC is limited to 5 years.

The members of the Coaching Council are involved in working with the juniors for their consultation after the contests, theoretical seminars and practice workshops, translates objectives into national language, holds thematic sessions of the Coaching Council.

The Coaching Council together with STC analyzes the results of students and determines regular and special award

All School coaches will receive a certificate on academic probation, 72 hours on the program "The methodic of the early development of talented students.

Sokolova Julia, Russia, Oracle Academy
Marin Shalamanov, Bulgaria
Sultan Ramazan, Kazakhstan
Belyaeva Olga, Russia Innopolis
Trener, a member of the ISIJ Cup jury
Dimitar Dobrev, Bulgaria,
Teacher "A and B" school of Shumen. member of the Scientific Committee Of the international Informatics tournament in Shumen (IATI), coach of the Bulgarian team at ISIJ