International School in
Informatics "Junior"

Registration country-form for Online sessions of ISIJ


Session: Summer / Winter

The team-leader of the country’s teams of juniors: name / contact (e-mail, phone) / photos for website / post address / presentation of juniors team (PPT)

List of Teams # 1-5 (2-6 juniors in each team): participant's name / participant's age / e-mail/ Participation group in summer ISIJ (choose) for team - B (base juniors), A (advanced juniors, and for junior age 16)

The tutor of the country’s teams of coaches: name / contact (e-mail, phone) /photos for website / post address /

Team of coaches (Participation group S): participant's name / e-mail

Attention! (After deadline registration country in Office ISIJ)

Registration for all participants in ISIJ Contests (Login and Password for participants) do Science Committee, Leader of STC ISIJ — Nikolai Borisov

Registration for team-leader in ISIJ website. All team-leader get enter to special page Online Archive (point Classes) in site ISIJ (all information and materials for teams) , Login and Password for team-leaders do Organizing Committee , director ISIJ Marina Tsvetkova

MOOC “Modern school Informatics curriculum: primary, base, advanced levels” for coaches and teachers in informatics.

We in addition invite country’s teams of coaches and teachers in informatics for online training: MOOC Rusere (English) and Distance sessions of Online ISIJ (participation at all rounds of ISIJ session). DIPLOMA coach ISIJ (44 h.) and RUSERE-certificate (36 h.) for coaches will be sent to team tutor for coach team