International School in
Informatics "Junior"


22.09.2020 Result of IOI 2020
The best country team is China with 4 gold medals! USA, Russia and Iran teams  has 3 gold medals! Republic of Korea, Georgia, Japan teams has 2 gold medals.

16.07.2020 APIO 2020
Open Contest of  APIO 2020 confirm 18-20 August, 2020. Invite all participants of ISIJ take a part in open contest APIO.

15.07.2020 ISIJ 2020 is finish
The best junior of ISIJ and Cup and the best team of ISIJ 2020 are China.

02.07.2020 July 2 ISIJ - 2020 was opened online
The organizing Committee and Scientific Committee of the School welcomed the participants, noting that 180 juniors and coaches represented four continents, Australia (New Zealand), as well as Asia (China, Syria) Europe (London, Azerbaijan, Belgium), and Africa (Tunisia).

14.06.2020 Why Python is not the programming language of the future
It took the programming community a couple of decades to appreciate Python. But since the early 2010s, it has been booming and eventually surpassing C, C#, Java and JavaScript in popularity.

20.05.2020 Registration at online summer ISIJ 2020 is open
See Regulation v.3, see rules of online ISIJ (point 10).

27.03.2020 Attention please!
Information about IOI 2020 Singapore in September 2020!

17.03.2020 MOOCs from Great Universities (Many With Certificates)
Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities. Most offer "certificates" or "statements of completion," though typically not university credit.

07.02.2020 Winter ISIJ 2020 in Egypt
1-8 February did Winter ISIJ 2020 for Egypt in camp of Alexandria University. 21 students in Egypt.

24.11.2019 The results ISIJ-teams IATI 2019
The results of the 2019 international Informatics tournament in Shumen, Bulgaria have been summed up.

21.11.2019 IATI 2019
Dear colleagues! IATI 2019 in Bulgaria is start! See information about teams in web site.

13.08.2019 Best results have Russian team in IOI 2019
The best results have Russian team in IOI 2019! Award IOI 2019 have the best student from USA!

05.08.2019 IOI 2019
Dear juniors! See please on web site ioi 2019.

06.03.2019 Welcome to International online Scratch olympiad 2019
The Scratch Olympiad is a contest of programming for kids and for students of all around the world, the first edition on Wikimedia will be in 2019.

25.11.2018 Medals of the Russian team ISIJ at the tournament in Shumen 2018
November 21-25, 2018 in Shumen (Bulgaria) was held X international tournament in Informatics.

04.10.2018 On October 19th the new season of the International Programming Contest CodeIT will begin
The new season of the International Programming Contest CodeIT will start on October 19th. CodeIT is the most prestigious private programming contest in Bulgaria and one of the oldest in the world which Musala Soft has been organizing since 2000.

01.09.2018 Homework isij 2018 is opened
The Homework track was opened, you can access it.