International School in
Informatics "Junior"

Invitation to participate in the International School of Informatics for juniors

ISIJ, 1-11/07 2020, Kazan, Russia

The main objective of the ISIJ is to prepare juniors to participate in the International Olympiads in Informatics. Participants have the option to choose between two levels of studying: Advanced Level A (IOI) and Basic Level B (EJOI - European Junior Olympiad in Informatics). The studying program of the ISIJ includes 5 training sessions, seminars, Robot-club, ISIJ-Cup, workshops with IT-companies. What is more, various excursions and evening events are organized for students.

The official web-site of the ISIJ

Contact with the ISIJ Program Director (member of the International Organizing Committee), Marina Tsvetkova:

In accordance with the Regulations of the ISIJ, the age of participants must be not younger than 13 and not older than 16 years.

Each country forms its national main team of 2-6 students and one coach. A coach participates in the ISIJ as a member of the International Coaches Council.

The country can take part in the International Cup-ISIJ only.

Registration fee for one participant ISIJ (junior, coach, guest) or ICIJ-Cup (team member) is specified in the invitation letter of the organizing Committee. Registration of teams opens on September and closes on May 31. Coaches should send the Registration form to the e-mail of the Executive Director of the ISIJ Office. Payment is carried out by transfer to the bank account of the ISIJ School Office.

The Executive Director of the ISIJ Office (member of the International organizing Committee) is Yuri Dedenev (e-mail:, contact phone number: +7 (900) 328-26-26, web-site of the ISIJ Office:

According to the results of the ISIJ, countries can form a team to participate in the IATI (international Autumn tournament in Informatics, at the end of November, Bulgaria, Shumen). Contact with Chairman of the IATI - Biserka Yovcheva: