International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

International School in Informatics "Junior"

Welcome teams of juniors and coaches to ISIJ!

Invitation letter to Cup ISIJ 2023

Invite the countries to participate in the ISIJ International School of Informatics to identify motivated juniors in Olympiad informatics and gain experience in international training based on the IOI Syllabus.

ISIJ was initiated by Russia, China, Bulgaria and the Netherlands in 2018. ISIJ develops and expands the representation of countries to prepare juniors from 12 to 17 years old to participate in the International Olympiad in Informatics together with the coaches of the teams within the training winter session ISIJ and the Summer Cup ISIJ.

The training stage is held annually on October, 1 – April, 1 for registered teams. The International Summer Cup ISIJ is held annually on July 1-10 for teams from quota countries.

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24.03.2023 Registration of teams to Cup ISIJ 2023 open
Registration of teams to Cup ISIJ 2023 open. Welcome! See more.

10.11.2022 Results of Final ICPC 2022
Results of Final ICPC 2022, Indonesia

03.10.2022 Winter training session of ISIJ 2023 is open
Attention, registration of juniors teams from countries to winter training session of ISIJ 2023 is open 1 October -1 December 2022.


About the project «ISI-junior»

Digital Curator
ISI-Junior-start 2018
About IOI
The content of classes of the school of Olympiad Informatics – «6.2 Algorithms and Complexity (AL)»

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