International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"


Venue ISIJ 2022

IT rooms Dushanbe


Venue WINTER ISIJ 2020 (Egypt), Alexandria, 1-8 February

From February 1 to 8, the National Camp ISIJ 2020 - Egypt took place on the University campus in Alexandria, Egypt. The participants were the best students of Egypt in the groups of Junior and senior students. The coaching group of Egypt worked on ISIJ materials with the Scientific and Technical Committee of ISIJ (Nikolay Borisov). Methodological support was formed by the International organizing Committee - President ISIJ Vladimir Kiryukhin and director ISIJ Marina Tsvetkova in agreement with the National head of the teams of Egypt at IOI, Islam Vagid.

Venue ISIJ 2019

Venue ISIJ 2018