International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

Registration country-form for Online sessions of ISIJ


Session: Summer / Winter

One Official country team take a part in ISIJ without payment. Additional 5 teams take a part with fee for each person.

The team-leader of the countrys teams of juniors: name / contact (e-mail, phone) / photos for website / post address / presentation of juniors team (PPT)

List of Teams # 1-5 (2-6 juniors in each team): participant's name / participant's age / e-mail/ Participation group in summer ISIJ (choose) for team - B (base juniors), A (advanced juniors, and for junior age 16)

The tutor of the countrys teams of coaches: name / contact (e-mail, phone) /photos for website / post address /

Team of coaches (Participation group S): participant's name / e-mail

Attention! (After deadline registration country in Office ISIJ)

Registration for all participants in ISIJ Contests (Login and Password for participants) do Science Committee, Leader of STC ISIJ Nikolai Borisov

Registration for team-leader in ISIJ website. All team-leader get enter to special page Online Archive (point Classes) in site ISIJ (all information and materials for teams) , Login and Password for team-leaders do Organizing Committee , director ISIJ Marina Tsvetkova

MOOC Modern school Informatics curriculum: primary, base, advanced levels for coaches and teachers in informatics.

We in addition invite countrys teams of coaches and teachers in informatics for online training: MOOC Rusere (English) and Distance sessions of Online ISIJ (participation at all rounds of ISIJ session). DIPLOMA coach ISIJ (44 h.) and RUSERE-certificate (36 h.) for coaches will be sent to team tutor for coach team