International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

Schedule ISIJ (actual)

CUP ISIJ (1-7 July)

Schedule of tours at Yandex Contest platform -

Training session ISIJ (October February):

1. Long tours based on the tasks of the ISIJ Summer Cup tour schedule

2. Independent problem solving in the IOI archive

3. ISIJ Trial Tour Solution

4. Courses for National Infopark ISIJ in countries (according to agreements with National Infopark and Direction of ISIJ) and MOOCs of the Club C++:


ISIJ Spring Control rounds (online) two rounds -

The Infopark ISIJ in the country can hold the ISIJ Spring National Cup (includes two rounds) together with the International Committee on the basis of control rounds (according to agreements with National Infopark and Direction of ISIJ)


Distribution of certificates of participants (juniors and coaches) of control rounds. Diplomas of the best according to the results of the selection for participants in groups A and B form Infopark ISIJ in the country.

May June:

Registration of participants of selected teams from countries in the Summer International Cup ISIJ, instruction and trial rounds of the cup.

July 1-7:

International Cup ISIJ rounds (training, math, coding, marathon and relay race), online and face-to-face participation according to the quota of the ISIJ International Organizing Committee

July 8-10:

Rounds of the online Robot Tournament of International Cup ISIJ (team tournament)