International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

Scientific-Technical Committee of the School (STC)

STC and Scientific Directors develops Rules for training contests, prepare contests, theoretical seminars and lectures on the IOI-oriented syllabus for Level -A and on the EJOI-oriented syllabus for Level -B respectively.

  • The Scientific Content of the School (SC-ISIJ) is provided by the Scientific -Technical Committee of the School consisting 12 members: from co-organizer countries - 6 members and from other countries - 6 elective positions (elected for a term of three years).
  • In the election of 6 members from the countries involved members of the STC and Coaching Council (CC).
  • STC is headed by two leaders - one leader from Russia and the second one - from the international STC group. The leaders is appointed by the IOC of the School.
  • The structure of the Russian group of STC approved by the Russian leader STC group.
  • The two Scientific Directors IOC coordinate the STC (on the IOI-oriented syllabus for Level -A and on the EJOI-oriented syllabus for Level -B respectively).
  • The Program Director coordinate the Coaching Council proceedings.
  • STC includes one representative of Yandex company - technical Manager of Yandex Contest system - to support Members of the STC to prepare contests ISIJ.
Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Committee of ISIJRussian group) / member of ISIJ-Cup Jury
Nikolai Anatolyevich Borisov, Russia,
Dr.Nizhny Novgorod state University. N. And. Lobachevsky, the team leader of the juniors team of ISIJ-Russia on IATI. Team Leader ICPC (absolutely champion ICPC 2021).
Official chairman IATI for cooperation with ISIJ, Shumen
Biserka Yovcheva, Bulgaria,
Bulgarian Shumanov University, Head of the Organizing Committee Of the international Informatics tournament in Shumen-IATI:

Member of the Scientific-Technical Committee of ISIJ (the international group) / member of ISIJ-Cup Jury
Ubai Sandouk, Syria,
PhD, Machine Learning and Optimization Lecturer at Damascus University. Head of Syrian Scientific Committee for IOI at the DCA.

Member of STC, member of the ISIJ Cup jury
Kinder Mikhail Ivanovich, Russia,
Kazan Federal University, associate Professor of higher mathematics and mathematical modeling, Institute of mathematics and mechanics. N. So. Lobachevsky.
The team curator of the Lyceum of KFU in ISIJ
Member STC ISIJ and Jury of Robot-round ISIJ
Petrenko Eduard Ottovich,
chairmen Robot center Fiztekh - Land, coach Robofest teams, expert of contests in Robotics.
Member of STC, a member of the ISIJ Cup jury
Jing Jin, China, supervising coach of the Chinese team at ISIJ.
Member of the STC
Pankov Pavel, Kyrgyzstan,
the head of the team of Kyrgyzstan on IOI, Doctor of physics and mathematics, Professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan.
Member of the STC
Kuznetsov Alexander, Russia,
Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State university, Institute of IT, mathematics and mechanic.

Member of the STC
Khuder Altangerel, Mongolia
PhD, (Computer science). Professor at Mongolian University of Science and Technology. Deputy team-Leader IOI.
Member of the STC
Devin Dissanayake, Sri Lanka
University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka. Treasurer of ACM Student Chapter of UCSC 2021/2022.
STC memeber, JURY CUP ISIJ memeber
Protchenko Alexey, Russia, Mordovia, Saransk. Teacher in Informatics the heist category, Republican Lyceum #1.
STC memeber
Buslavsky Alexander, Belarus, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the Belarusian State University.
STC memeber
Beyaeva Olga, Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, Innopolis city.

Intern Group STC