International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

National InfoPark ISIJ

The country's initial registration is the statement of desire to conduct The National InfoPark ISIJ for the country's Olympiad team in country. The National InfoPark ISIJ is conducted with the methodological support of the ISIJ at the dates of the Spring National Cup ISIJ (2 rounds for 1 week in march), the program and the composition of tours are agreed. Tours are developed by Scientific Committee ISIJ in Yandex Contest. The country will agree on the invitation of ISIJ representatives. For initial registration, you must specify the planned dates of the National Cup ISIJ - the month (February - April) of the event.

After completing the statement, Organizing Committee ISIJ will coordinate this event in the country.

Country team leader can send Letter about plan of National InfoPark ISIJ to Director ISIJ Marina Tsvetkova:

If country form National InfoPark of ISIJ and has experience more one year, that network of schools in National InfoPark of ISIJ can use Diploma InfoPark ISIJ For this, team leader ISIJ send Letters to Director ISIJ about network of Schools/ or general Organisation of National InfoPark ISIJ (the list with name and website Schools or general Organisation). InfoPark ISIJ agree take a part in ISIJ every year with national teams and additional teams from country.