International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

Regulation of the International School in Informatics "Junior" (ISIJ) & CUP

Regulation ISIJ

The mission of International School in Informatics Junior (ISIJ, in the text- School) is to create a space of Olympiads in Informatics startup for all juniors of the world, to unite school teachers and coaches innovators in Informatics in a single international coaching community, to create a collection of materials for the development of schools Informatics in the world for talented juniors.

The ISIJ provides classes focused on main Olympiads: EJOI (basic level - B) and IOI (advanced level - A), as well as seminars (IT clubs) on the use of IT in various fields of science and technology. The distance session of the ISIJ is in the autumn-winter months for students ISIJ. IT club is to form a space of formation of profile interests at the junction of science and information technology. YandexContest are the main partners of the ISIJ.

ISIJ and IT clubs (workshops IT company partners and sponsors of the ISIJ) become the intersection of Olympiad training juniors and the formation of relevant interests in applied computer science for high school students from around the world. ISIJ is also an internship place for computer science mentors among computer science teachers and coaches from different countries.