International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

International Organizing Committee ISIJ (IOC)

The organizational structure of ISIJ includes: International Organizing Committee (ISIJ), Scientific-Technical Committee (STC), Coaching Council (CC, includes a representative from each participating country ISIJ as a coach of the Junior team), the School Office (ISIJ Office).

  • The General management of the school, its development strategy and representation functions are performed by the IOC. The governing body of the ISIJ is the International Organizing Committee (IOC), which is represented from the every co-organizer countries: Russia, Bulgaria, Nederland and China. The IOC is headed by a Chairman ISIJ (Russia), which approves the decisions of the IOC and coordinates the work with† official representatives from the School venue, presents the concept of the School, makes proposals to the IOC on the development strategy of the School, forms for the countries of the invitations, organizes the work of the IOC, organizes opening and closing of the school. The program Director of the School (or ISIJ-Director) is the Deputy Chairman and represents the Coaching Council of the School in the IOC.
  • The International Organizing Committee ISIJ consists of Chairman IOC ISIJ and 10 members:† Program Director (ISIJ- Director, Russia), Official representative of the Kazan Federal University (KFU, Russia), Official representative of the Innopolis† University (UI, Russia), Official representative of the venue ISIJ (Russia), Director of partnership development(Nederland), two Scientific Director ISIJ (Bulgaria and China), two leaders of the Scientific-Technical Committee (STC) (from Russian group and International group), Executive Director Ė head of the Office ISIJ (Russia).
  • The Program Director of the School supervises the program and financial support of the school in coordination with the Executive Director IOC.
Chairman of International Organizing Committee ISIJ, Chairman of the ISIJ-Cup Jury
Kiryukhin Vladimir Mikhailovich, Russia,
Professor of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences
member of the International Committee of the IOI and Team leader in the period 1989-2017 years, †
Chairman IOI 2016,

winner of the highest award of the IOI for their contribution to the organization of IOI (2003, 2008, published in the IOI-journal
Official representative of Innopolis University (EJOI 2018)
Alexander Tormasov, Russia,
Rector of Autonomous non commercial organization of higher education Innopolis University. Professor in Computer Science, Head of the Theoretical and Applied Computer Science Chair at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Chief Scientist at Parallels company.
The official representative of Kazan Federal University (IOI 2016)
Minzaripov Riyaz Matulovic, Russia,
Professor, first Vice-rector Kazan Federal University

The Scientific Director ISIJ /member of ISIJ-Cup Jury
Krasimir Manev, Bulgaria
Professor, President of the IOI, Chairman IOI 2009 (, President of EJOI:
IC-member last year,† winner of the highest award of the IOI for their contribution to the organization of IOI (2005 ),
published in the IOI-journal†
The Scientific Director ISIJ /member of ISIJ-Cup Jury
Zide Du, China
President of the IOI, IC-member last year, Chairman IOI 2000
Professor, The Secretary General of the China†Computer†Federation,
winner of the highest award of the IOI for their contribution to the organization of IOI (2010 ),
Director of ICIJ for relations with representatives of countries IOI
Eljakim Schrijvers, Netherlands
the official representative of the IOI, coordinator of Bebras workshop, winner of the highest award of the IOI for their contribution to the organization of IOI (2019)
Program Director / Head of the Coaching Council of the school
Tsvetkova Marina Serafimovna, Russia,
the representative of the Russian team on the IOI 2002-2017 years
author of ISIJ, publication in the IOI -
Phone:†+7 (903) 737-06-60
Chief of Secretariat ISIJ
Utochnikov Igor V., Russia, Sarov,
Director School Vector ++,
Secretary of ISIJ
Korneeva Julia, Russia,

Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Committee of ISIJ† (Russian group)/ member of ISIJ-Cup Jury
Nikolai Anatolyevich Borisov, Russia,
Dr.Nizhny Novgorod state University. N. And. Lobachevsky, the team leader of the juniors team of ISIJ-Russia on IATI
Member of IOC ISIJ
Rustam Safarov, official representative of venue ISIJ 2022, Tajikistan, Dushanbe. Director of Liceum for talented students in Dushanbe. Coordinator of ISIJ teams, Tajikistan.