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Top 10 Key Skills in Olympiad in Informatics
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Publication EC-JRC Report "Reviewing Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education
Methods of Tracks for Training Juniors in Olympiad Informatics: The ISIJ Experience
Tasks and Training

Sertificate of IOI Conference 2021, Tsvetkova M.
Sertificate of IOI Conference 2021, Kiryukhin V.

The ISIJ provides

  • Classes focused on main Olympiads: EJOI (basic level- B) and IOI (advanced level-A), seminars. The content of classes of the school of Olympiad Informatics is based on the thematic sections of the International Olympiad in Informatics 6.2 Algorithms and Complexity (AL)
  • Distance session of the ISIJ is in the autumn-winter months for students ISIJ YandexContest are the main partners of the ISIJ.
  • IT clubs on the use of IT in various fields of science and technology IT club is to form a space of formation of profile interests at the junction of science and information technology.
  • All teams of ISIJ countries take part in the Cup in two categories: level A (medal advanced level) and level B (medal Basic level) .
  • The School program provides Robot-club. The Junior teams of ISIJ countries (no more than 4 participants in the team) can take part in the Robot-competition.

Focus group of training - juniors, keen on Olympiad Informatics, participants of the national Olympiad in Informatics and coaches of the junior team from country.

Start - skills ISIJ

  • knowledge of the subject of Olympiad tasks at the level of the National Olympiad,
  • primary experience in solving simple problems of Olympiad Informatics (national Olympiad level, or levels of simple problems in theEJOI/ IOI collection. Select a simple task from the collection can be based on the statistics of its solutions to the full score, in the Statistics section on the website,
  • introduction to the themes of Algorithms at the level without * (Part 2 see)
  • availability of primary experience of participation in online Olympiads in Informatics
  • ability to use the system of competitions, to send the decision for check, to test the decision
  • primary C++programming skills
  • ability to speed input on the keyboard

Planned personal Junior skills on ISIJ

The individual plan of the Olympiad training (for the period of 2-3 years) is focused on the independent work of the Junior with the resources of the Olympiad Informatics taking into account the specific tasks of IOI and syllabus IOI, and the following planned skills:

  • knowledge of the subject matter of the ISIJ curriculum (ioi Syllabus) at the level with * (see Part 2). The solution to a collection of EJOI/IOI-tasks for self-training
  • ability to analyze the problem and determine the theme of the ISIJ curriculum (Syllabus IOI) for the problems
  • experience in solving problems of increased difficulty theme of the ISIJ curriculum at the level with **(Part 2 see).,
  • knowledge of the criteria of self-assessment of achievements based on solving problems of increased difficulty, the ability to conduct self-analysis on the results of training, to set tasks to eliminate the identified deficiencies
  • the use of MOOC for development of the Olympiad in Informatics, Algorithms, data Structures, Programming,
  • readiness to solve the tasks of summer ISIJ for daily training the practice on a full score
  • ability to identify difficulties in solving the problem in the first approach to it, the ability to find and study the theoretical material and analysis of solutions on the basis of the first approach to eliminate deficiencies, the ability to bring the solution of the problem after the second/subsequent approaches to a full score
  • the ability to build the personal training plan for the 2-3 years
  • a daily 2 - hour lesson on the tasks, in a remote environment (for example, on the tasks ISIJ/EJOI, of IOI collection in the Yandex Context, the ability to implement your plan without missing
  • the ability to work out high-speed problem solving skills (for example, from the IOI collection) repeated solution of one problem after its solution and analysis for a full score not more than 1 hour.
  • regular participation in a MOOC to improve the skill of programming in C++ (for example Cursere, Cisco Networking Academy
  • regular participant in online tours IOI, online Olympiads:,,
  • elimination of difficulties in the English-speaking environment of the competition system and Olympiad problems
  • the ability to analyze the text of the problem, the ability to analyze in the group solutions for subtasks and complete solutions
  • fluency in systems of competitions in Informatics,
  • the first experience of creativity to develop a task for the tour in a group with a coach, its full preparation for inclusion in the tour
  • communication skills with colleagues
  • understanding the value of active recreation and sports for the programmer, compliance with the time for recreation and creativity in the application environment
  • knowledge in professions in the IT sector.