International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"

ISIJ Rules

11. ISIJ Cup Rounds (Summer ISIJ)

The cup is an all-around competition and includes at least 5 rounds according to the Order of the School and is held in the summer session of the school from July 1 to 11. The Scientific Committee may include in the set of Cup rounds: theoretical blitz tours (no more than 2), Olympiad programming tours ( no more than 2), Robot tour (one) as well as training tours-warm-ups.

11.1 The theoretical Blitz tour as part of the all-around rounds of the School Cup may not include a 10.7.1 Mathematical Tour (2020,Rules a Coder Tour (2022) and has its own individual award nominations. The mathematical tour lasts 2 hours, includes 12 (for group B) and 15 (for group A) blitz problems on the topic of mathematical informatics and calculation algorithms, each problem has one correct solution.The tour is conducted in the Yandex-Contest system. The coder tour lasts up to 3 hours, includes tasks on programming techniques in the Yandex Contest.

11.2 The project tour (2018,Robot tour, on the subject of programming in c++ of unmanned devices for various purposes is conducted in teams of 2-3 participants in an online form using virtual or real robots, and in full-time using robotic equipment.

11.3 Tours on the topic of Olympiad programming may include two types of tours. The Estafette tour (2021, Rules) is a Cup round with a team competition, held on 6 tasks. Each task is performed as a separate tour for 1 hour. Each team member performs only his task from the 6 tasks of the round so that the team completes all 6 rounds. The participant is not allowed to enter someone else's tour. In case of fixing a violation, the participant's result is canceled. The scoring for the round is carried out as the average score of the results of all 6 team members ( or the number of participants specified in the team). If a team member has solved a problem for a full score in less than 1 hour, the score for the problem is indexed by an increasing coefficient taking into account his decision time. Marathon tour (2018,Rules, is a Cup tour with an individual score. The tour is conducted on 3 tasks in groups A and B and is designed for 4 hours.

11.4. All rounds of the cup have an appeal procedure, which can be submitted to the Scientific Committee of the School only within one hour after the end of the round.

About TheAward nominations see Regulation of ISIJ