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Robbo Tournament

Trial Robot round for participants of ISIJ

Instructions for participants of the ISIJ Robot Tournament

From 2022, the Jury of the Cup ISIJ start holding an online Robot tournament. Arduino and C++ are used.

Participants of the ISIJ 2022 Cup get their first experience.

Robot Tournament 2022

Gillery of Photo Robot-tour
Video of Analyses Trial Robot tour

Online trial tour (July 7-8)
Online Robot Tour (9 July, 9:00 Moscow time)
Results and analysis of decisions (July 10)

Materials for training

Tutorials in English:

  1. Main page
  2. What is Arduino
  3. Arduino IDE installation
  4. Installation (Windows as an example)
  5. Installing libraries

The robot-tournament 2019 was held at the Lyceum Innopolis and in it the 1st place was taken by the Netherlands team, 2nd place - a team from Russia - Moscow Suvorov School, 3rd place - a team from Kazakhstan.

Robot simulator CoppeliaSim: create, compose, simulate, any robot - Coppelia Robotics

Robot-club 2019
Robot-club 2018