International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"


For coaches of the team at Online ISUJ: about organization of the work with team during online session see materials and information on the page Online Archive our website
Login and password for enter to Online Archive you can get from Director ISIJ, e-mail:


Juniors - participants of the summer ISIJ take part in the distance winter session ISIJ without registration fee.

For new teams of winter ISIJ, registration of which you will make until October 1, - participation in the distance winter session ISIJ registration fee.

Registration the new teams (up 15 y.o.) in the distance winter session ISIJ do as in summer session ISIJ


All rounds of the distance session are held on the Yandex Contest platform at the links specified in the schedule. The distance session is held annually from September to April.

In September, a Yandex Contest link to the section for solving the full scores of the problems of the summer ISIJ of the past seasons opens. Further, in October, November, December, February and March, will one training tour per month is held. The schedule of the days of the tours, links to the tours in the Yandex Contest, the texts of the reviews after the tours are posted on our page, follow the information.

Also for homework open archive IOI tasks to solve them on the platform Yandex Contest:

Login and time of contests

Each login must contain the first and last name of the participant, 3 letters of country, separated by a space or other symbol.

(E.g.: Nikolai-Borisov-RUS)

Registration in Yandex Contest do Nikolai Borisov -

Summer online ISIJ do rounds for 2 time-clusters: West and East. Time of rounds show the Moscow time and coaches of teams must correct this time for country. For example, Azerbaijan is Moscow+1 (West time-cluster), New Zealand is Moscow+9 (East time), Belgium is Moscow-1 (West time cluster), China is Moscow+5 (West time) in schedule of rounds of ISIJ.

Archive of IOI

Individual homework with the archive IOI tasks on the platform Yandex Contest is open to solutions -

Texts analysis of problem solutions posted in the archive on the official website of the IOI

Schedule of the online summer ISIJ tours

Attention - information is updated!

July 2 9

Schedule of the distance winter ISIJ tours

Attention - information is updated!

1 October - 1 April