International School & Cup
in Informatics "Junior"


Program of course

MOOC Modern school Informatics curriculum: primary, base, advanced levels for coaches and teachers in informatics

We in addition invite countrys teams of coaches and teachers in informatics for online training (Part 1 and Part 2)

1-30 June 2020 - Part 1 (without payment)- to be trained MOOC Rusere (English) (Registration on the site with waiting for course access from the course curator)/ 36 h./ e-certificate). The number of participants in Part 1 training from the country in MOOC is not limited.

MOOC in English includes 5 topics and control test:

Topic 1. Continuous course in informatics

Topic 2. Technique of Olympiad trainings

Topic 3. Informatics Olympiads and IT Career Guidance

Topic 4. Competences of the modern teacher in Informatics in digital world

Topic 5. Model of Network school of informatics

Topic 6. Test

1-11 July 2020 - Part 2 (admission fee Distance ISIJ) - participation in Distance ISIJ-2020 (Registration and payment of the admission fee Distance ISIJ 50 euros from member is carried out by the ISIJ Office). Participation by Rules of Distance ISIJ ) /44 h./ certificate ISIJ. Registration do the countrys tutor of team. Up to 5 teams from the country (30 team members) and the country team tutor are invited to participate in Part 2.

Sum 80 h./ DIPLOMA ISIJ-coach. ISIJ-certificates and diplomas will be sent by post to the address of the country team tutor of coaches and teachers team.